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Pokedex Entry #003 by beanystergates
Pokedex Entry #003
The reimagined version of the Underachiever of Starter Pokemons of all time, VENUSAUR!

Why i said underachiever?
Firstly, what the actual f is that thing? A bullfrog? An alien? Alien Bullfrog? No one knows and no one will ever know, it's always a guessing game and opinion wars here and there.
Secondly, compared to those two fully evolved 1st-gen starter (Charizard and Blastoise), Venusaur had the worst type combination, GRASS and POISON. It's highly vulnerable to so many other types (you mention it).
Thirdly, it has unusual stats growth among fellow Starters. Venusaur majors on SP.DEF (sounds logical, due to its weakness to hella lot of other types), but it seems so wierd that POISON-type Pokemon needs a high SP.DEF.
And the last (but not least), i love POISON-type Pokemons. Their movesets are so brutal. I love watching my foe crippling with agony when Sludge Bomb poisoned them. Plus, Venusaur can be teached Earthquake, the most powerful GROUND-type move ever known in Gen I. But once again, please, not with this GRASS-type combination.

Enough with this personal opinion.
The Reimagined Version of Venusaur here is a DRAGON/POISON-type.
I love DRAGON-type Pokemons, and Venusaur is kinda have a similar build to a Land Wyrm, so here you go. The POISON-type comes from my imagination that the Rafflesia being replaced by decaying gash along its spine, which large poisonous mushroom grew on.
The Verdict is: Venusaur becomes a Badass Venomous Zombie Dragon.
Necromorph no Hiruko

A Crossover of two Pop Cultures, Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto) and Dead Space (Electronic Arts).


Serves as one of the most powerful human puppet made by Sasori of Akatsuki, Hiruko was on unstoppable killing spree, destroying anything on its wake.
And now, as the Necromorph outbreak begins to spread, an unspeakable terror stalks underneath the eternal downpour of the Amegakure.
Hiruko's half-decayed body are heavily deformed and mutated, serving to give it vastly increased lethality.

The cranial and sinus areas of the skull appear to have been disarticulated from the neck, and the jaws are heavily mutated. Bones protrude from within the palate, creating new set of sharp fangs. Its lower jaw is split into two curved mandibles ending in knife-like fangs. 

The musculature of the upper arm becomes more developed, increasing its strength and mobility. The elongated fingers are intertwined and fused together, creating bladed claws suitable for climbing and disemboweling. Its left lower arm are swelling with poisonous substances that is extremely reactive to blunt force, resulting in a powerful explosion if it exposed to slight disturbance. Shards of bones protrude from under its pustule, creating a deadly shrapnel if the swelling exploded.

Its vertebrae is slightly mutated, with the lengthening of the vertebral ridges for increased weight-support, flexibility, and locomotion.
The lower limbs are heavily altered. Its legs are pulled to closer proximity of the body to support its quadruped movement. The flesh, muscles, and bones are flayed and fused with its intestines and innards, lengthened into a scorpion-like tail tipped with a sharp blade made of bone. This tail is highly flexible, able to contract and coil into about a third of its original length, making it a very versatile mid-range and melee weapon.

Hiruko's deadly venom gland inside its body was decayed and fused as it mutates, envenomed its entire body.
It still adorns the symbol of its former glory, the torn and tattered dark robe of Akatsuki.

Hiruko was a fearsome monster. Now that it has infected and morphed, it continues its merciless killing spree in a gruesome fashion.

The character design and description are based on EA Dead Space's Necromorph LEAPER… ,… , and Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto character, HIRUKO



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Uhh, hello, good afternoon everyone.
Here in Indonesia we just had a legislative election, and a vicious storm in my town.

Hooray, it's already 6000th pageviews :w00t
but i missed it :sad it's already much over now, and i promised to give everyone who touched the milestone a free artwork giveaway (see the last journal)
but i'm quite happy though, it's been a long time since the last time i crawled through this account and seeing my daily pageview's rising :w00t thank you all!

I'm on my final paper now, so i guess i won't be too active, but i promise i will give you a free artwork request every 1000th pageview :D that means the next milestone is on 7000th pageviews :D DON'T MISS IT NOW!
All you have to do is send me a printscreen of the 7000th Pageview, and you can request a free artwork of any kind you like :D


Bintang Satria Gautama
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Hello, i'm a proud Indonesian.

Trying to be a good designer, artist, and novel writer.

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anda kuliah dimana?
beanystergates Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha rumahku lho di fajar indah~
UNS, S1 DKV angkatan 2010
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x0-000 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
Draw more Kanako please. I'll give you points..
beanystergates Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
well loks like there's a big fan of Kanako :D

actually i've opened some pount commision long ago :D you can check them here [link] for the detailed information of the artwork you like :D
thanks :hug:
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for the detailed price, check out my old journal about the points comissions
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